“Make it Work”

My community dance classes have been going well since I last updated you on day one. I consistently have about 6 kids in my younger class and I have had a least one person in my Thursday class (these kids are a little older) every week. Attendance is down this week, likely due to the holiday. Unfortunately, my adult fitness class has yet to have any students, but I knew that one was a bit iffy from the beginning.

The place mats that I used the first class to mark kids’ spots have continued to be of great help each week. Everyone gets a green dot in our warm up circle, everyone knows where to sit and wait their turn when we go across the floor, and spaced out in a line they make great props to leap over or stop and practice poses. Those green dots are like a teacher’s aid really.

Unfortunately, they have one major flaw. They slide all over the place. I didn’t notice it the first class because we danced on a wooden deck outside, but once we got on the laminate floor the next week, these pace mats would not stay still. While out running errands today, I looked for a replacement spot for each child in the way of a rubber bottom mat, but was not able to find any.

So, I got creative.  I decided that as I had already re-purposed the place mats for dance class, I would no longer use them on a table as intended.  They were leftover from our wedding decorations, so it was something I had on hand already. Today, I spent a few bucks on non slip shelf liner and glued a square of it to the back of each place mat. Voila. A non slip mat that will continue to be useful for as long as I teach classes in this setting.

The Before and After.

While I was unable to fully test them tonight- no attendance today, sadly- I did try them out on my kitchen floor and briefly in the neighborhood clubhouse where I teach. They stayed put!

It was such a small little project to complete, but I feel like it represents the entrepreneurial spirit of finding a solution to a problem with limited resources. I know that in the future as my studio comes together, there will be many more of these moments. As Tim Gunn from Project Runway would say about most problems, “Make it work”.



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