A New Adventure

This evening started a new teaching opportunity for me. I wrote a few weeks ago about taking a brave step and reaching out to my community and offering dance classes and today was the first one.

As there was no sign up and no commitment, I was unsure of how many preschool aged dancers I would have for my Creative Movement class this evening. I was pleasantly surprised to see 6 or 7 young kids -including two boys!- come to dance with me. There was a small hiccup with the doors to the neighborhood clubhouse not being open, but we embraced the summer evening and danced on the deck.

I was hesitant to invest much money in my own preschool dance supplies- floor markers, props, stickers, etc until I knew the interest level and grabbed a few things around the house before headed off for a short walk to the clubhouse. The round outdoor place mats that I had grabbed just minutes before class ended up being a stroke of genius- everyone had a place to dance, a place to sit while they waited to dance across the floor, and two of them together made a perfect “puddle” for leaps. I will definitely be using them moving forward, and will probably hang on to them for as long as they last into my future studio.

I am excited and optimistic about this new adventure. I am set up to teach three classes a week at the clubhouse on top of my regular studio hours. This means I get more teaching time, an opportunity to be a part of the neighborhood, and some extra cash to start putting away money in a savings account for my studio.

My dream studio is beginning to seem very reachable!


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