Costume Woes Update

In one of my recent posts, I wrote about the struggles I’ve had with one particular recital costume over the last few weeks. It was a costume that my mom and I were putting together ourselves instead of ordering from a costume catalog. Here’s an update on the costume.

Big picture? The costumes are completed and finalized.

The green button down shirt that was a bit big on the dancer, we decided to keep. It coordinated well enough with her partner’s green skirt and the dancer really liked the style, so we went with it. If we decide that its too big with her jeggings (that she didn’t have for class this week yet), we can probably alter the shirt or style it differently so its not so noticeable. Finding that shirt was so close to impossible to begin with that it wasn’t worth it to try to track down another one.

The white blouses that I had an issue with ending up working out in my favor also. Even though I had ordered the blouses online, I went into the brick and mortar store to speak with a customer service rep about the asinine policy of not price matching an even exchange online. The store was incredibly helpful and returned the sizes I didn’t need and convinced the online reps to honor the price that I had originally paid for the blouses. The new sizes arrived just in time for my dancers to try them on in class this week, and thankfully they all fit perfectly.

My mom’s adventures in making the skirts were only half of what I thought they were- while she was visiting to size them on my dancers, she filled me in on even more craziness that she faced. But, the other day we were able to completely finish the four skirts and adjust the waist on each girl. Other than being washed and ironed, the skirts are ready for recital.

So, its been great news for the costumes that I was struggling with the most. And, to top it off, my mom and I are both very pleased with the way the costumes finally came together after the time and effort we’ve put in. I am just waiting on three more classes’ recital costumes, which I’m hoping will have arrived at the dance studio by the time we come back from spring break in two weeks.

Come recital, I will have pictures of the completed costumes. 🙂


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